Santa Monica Mountains.

The beautiful Santa Monica Mountains are located just minutes North of Santa Monica and offer miles of scenic rolling hills and wooded areas. The beautiful and multi-faceted surroundings of the mountains provide a quick escape from the congestion and stress that typify life in the sprawling city down below.

Not surprisingly, times haven't always been so certain for the Santa Monica Mountains. With their survival ever so dependent on the exploding growth of Southern California, a concerned citizenry and government set out to conserve a swath of green in the midst of sprawl. Congressional protective intervention assisted by the California State Legislature established the Santa Monica Conservancy in 1979. The conservancy was charged with the primary responsibility of acquiring and preserving property with the intention of making such property accessible to the public.

As a result of the combined efforts from various government levels, private citizens and landowners, the Santa Monica Mountains have a bright and protected future. Today, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is an area that spans from the Hollywood Bowl to the Pacific Ocean, covering an area of over 40 miles.

Conservation of this wonderful belt of greenery in our backyards is vital for future generations to enjoy and can only happen with both private and public involvement. While Congressional actions continue to assist in protecting and expanding their boundaries, local involvement and support is necessary to maintain an area that is visited by millions. Please visit the link below to obtain further information of both the conservancy and their efforts.

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