Step 8 - The Physical Inspection.
After your have an accepted contract, you are given a number of days per the RPA to complete inspections on the property. The most important and often only inspection conducted by the buyer is the general physical inspection. The Buyer chooses a licensed inspector, often upon recommendation of past inspectors used by your real estate agent. The inspection typically costs $300-$600 depending on the size of the property and payment is usually paid buy the Buyer, C.O.D. The inspector will inspect all of the major systems of the property and any present defects. Although minor defects may be mentioned, such as a broken doorbell, they will not be the concentration of the report.

This inspection process is a general protection to ensure you are making an educated buying decision. At the end of you inspection you WILL FIND SOME PROBLEMS! We have NEVER seen a home inspection without some defects. Your agent will work with you to determine reasonable requests for the seller to either repair or discount from the purchase price of the property. On rare occasion, if you cannot come to an agreement with the Seller, you can mutually cancel the contract at this time. After acceptance of your physical inspection, you are ready to open escrow.

> 9. Escrow

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