Step 6 - The Offer (RPA) and Counter Offers
The standard form used to submit an offer to purchase Southern California real estate is the "RPA", the Residential Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instruction form. This form conveys your offer price, terms, and several conditions and contingencies that must be met in your purchase. Please note that a "good faith" deposit check for at least 3% of your offer price should accompany your RPA. In fact, most Listing agents will not accept an offer that does not include a copy of the "good faith" deposit check.

The RPA is currently at 8 pages and growing. Your Pacifica West Properties agent will carefully explain this contract to you and fill it out only with your complete understanding. Each page needs to be initialed or signed by you.

Once the RPA is presented to the Seller, they may give you a Counter Offer. This in effect "stops" your RPA and counters with changes and/or additional terms. A typical real estate transaction may result in Counter Offers in order to arrive at a set price and terms. Again, it is imperative that you have a responsible agent who meets and conveys all deadlines and conditions presented in the Counter Offer.

> 7. Congratulations - You Have A Contract!

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