Step 16 - Close Escrow.
Prior to closing the deal, you need to ensure that escrow gets a copy of your new home insurance and that any balance of the purchase funds be deposited with escrow. Escrow will also provide you with a "Pre-Buyer Closing Statement" which discloses all of your charges (debits) and credits in the transaction. It is imperative that you carefully scrutinize this document to ensure its accuracy.

When your loan is fully approved, escrow requests loan documents from your lender and schedules a closing date and time for you to come in to execute a considerable amount of paperwork! For this reason, the closing session is characteristically known as a "signing spree". Once this "blistering" session is complete, escrow requests your loan funds from the lender. Normally, the day after the loan funds are received, the deed conveying the title to the Buyer is recorded at the county recorders office. It is one of the most exhilarating experiences in life to get the call from your Pacifica West Properties agent congratulating you on your new home!

> 17. Final Notes

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