Step 10 - Disclosures, Disclosures, Disclosures . . .
There are too many disclosure forms and reports to properly address in this short paragraph. Just keep in mind that Buyers in California are well protected when is comes to any "hidden" household problems. Between your physical inspection(s) and the many disclosure forms you receive on the property, you pretty much know what you're purchasing! There are various time periods in which a buyer is to receive these disclosures as indicated in the RPA.

The most important disclosure to mention at this time is the "TDS" or Transfer Disclosure Statement. This is a form prepared by the Seller, Seller's agent and the Buyer's agent. It basically discloses every material fact known that may impact your decision to buy the property. This form is of particular importance as after you receive it, you have three days to cancel your RPA- if for no other reason. If you have a good real estate agent working for you, they will always insist on getting this form at the time of submitting your offer or shortly after acceptance

> 11. The Termite Report

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